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Athena International Conference 2015

presidentDear Colleagues,

Athena was the goddess of wisdom in Greek antiquity. The “ATHENA” seminar is the first international multidisciplinary symposium, in the field of Intensive Care Unit infections that will be held in Athens on November 19-20, 2015. This is a unique opportunity for the audience to interact with the world-distinguished speakers and profit from their deep knowledge and expertise in difficult aspects of the current practice. Given also the current challenge of multidrug-resistant pathogens and the imperative need for new antimicrobials for the ICU patients, the seminar will provide the opportunity for a fruitful interaction with the speakers on new antimicrobials in advanced stage of development. The symposium will be held at the foot of the Acropolis hill and next to the New Acropolis Museum, in an environment linked with the ancient Greek history. Delegates will also have the opportunity to feel the pulse of modern Athens, by strolling at the heart of the city through live and sophisticated neighborhoods nearby the venue.
As chair of the organizing committee, I would like to send you my warmest regards and invite you to a stimulating scientific event.

The chair of the seminar
As. Professor George Dimopoulos

Scientific & Organizing Committees

Chair of the Seminar

George Dimopoulos (Greece)

Ιnternational Scientific committee

  • Azoulay Elie (France)  
  • Antonelli Massimo (Italy)  
  • Bassetti Matteo (Italy)  
  • Blot Stijn (Belgium)  
  • Bonten Marc (The Nederlands)  
  • Bréchot Nicolas (France)  
  • De Waele Jan (Belgium)  
  • Garnacho-Montero Jose (Spain)  
  • Kollef Marin (USA)  
  • Muñoz Patricia (Spain)  
  • Nicolau David (USA)  
  • Niederman Michael (USA)  
  • Paiva José Arthur (Portugal)  
  • Roussos Charalampos (Greece)  
  • Singer Mervin (UK)  
  • Timsit Jean Francois (France)  
  • Torres Antonio (Spain)  
  • Vincent Jean-Louis (Belgium)  
  • Welte Tobias (Germany)     

National Scientific Committee

  • Armaganidis Apostolos (Greece)  
  • Baltopoulos George (Greece)  
  • Daikos George (Greece)  
  • Gargalianos Panagiotis (Greece)  
  • Georgopoulos Dimitrios (Greece)  
  • Giamarellos Evangelos (Greece)  
  • Giamarellou Helen (Greece)  
  • Komnos Apostolos (Greece)  
  • Koutsoukou Antonia (Greece)  
  • Nakos George (Greece)  
  • Orfanos Stylianos (Greece)  
  • Paramythiotou Elisabeth (Greece)  
  • Papaioannou Vasileios (Greece)  
  • Pefanis Aggelos (Greece)  
  • Pneumatikos John (Greece)  
  • Poulakou Garyphalia (Greece)  
  • Skoutelis Athanassios (Greece)  
  • Tsakris Athanassios (Greece)  
  • Zakynthinos Epaminondas (Greece)  

Organizing Committee

  • Armaganidis Apostolos (Greece)
  • Boumbas Dimitrios (Greece)
  • Dimopoulos George (Greece)
  • Dimopoulou Ioanna (Greece)
  • Heraklianou Styliani (Greece)
  • Kouraklis Gregory (Greece)
  • Koutsoukou Antonia (Greece)
  • Mantzaris Gerasimos (Greece)
  • Matthaiou Dimitrios (Greece)
  • Orfanos Stylianos (Greece)
  • Papageorgiou Sokratis (Greece)
  • Samarkos Michael (Greece)
  • Theodorakopoulou Maria (Greece)
  • Thiraios Eleftherios (Greece)
  • Paramythiotou Elisabeth (Greece)
  • Poulakou Garyphalia (Greece)
  • Vogiatzakis Evangelos (Greece)
  • Vrachliotis Thomas (Greece)

Scientific Program

Thursday 19-11-2015


08.30-08.40 Welcome and introductions

G. Dimopoulos

08.40-08.55 Evidence based medicine: the pros and cons

A. Armaganidis



How to manage and prevent the different faces of pneumonia
Chairs : A. Armaganidis – A. Komnos

09.00-09.15 Severe CAP T. Welte
09.15-09.30 CAMRSA pneumonia M. Niederman
09.30-09.45 VAP S. Blot
09.45-10.00 Pneumonia in immunocompomized patients E. Azoulay
10.00-10.15 Prevention of invasive pneumococcal disease A. Torres
10.15-10.30 Questions-Discussion  



How to optimize the treatment for ….
Chairs : J. Pneumatikos – P. Gargalianos

10.30-10.45 Klebsiella   KPC infection G. Daikos
10.45-11.00 Acinetobacter   spp infection J. Garnacho-Montero
11.00-11.15 Pseudomonas   infection J.F. Timsit
11.15-11.30 Clostridium difficile   infection M. Antonelli
11.30-11.45 Abdominal   infections J. DeWaele
11.45-12.00 Questions-Discussion  


12.00-13.30 Break  



How to treat in the ICU a patient with...
Chairs : A. Koutsoukou – A. Pefanis

13.30-13.45 HIV sepsis E. Azoulay
13.45-14.00 CMV reactivation N. Bréchot
14.00-14.15 Endocarditis J.A. Paiva
14.15-14.30 Skin and soft tissue infections M. Kollef
14.30-14.45 Malaria M. Singer
14.45-15.00 Questions-Discussion  



How to use in the ICU……
Chairs : E. Zakynthinos –  A. Armaganidis

15.00-15.15 Adjunctive therapies E. Giamarellos
15.15-15.30 PK/PDs D. Nicolau
15.30-15.45 Biomarkers J.L. Vincent
15.45-16.00 Newer diagnostic technology for bacteria M. Kollef
16.00-16.15 Newer diagnostic technology for fungi P. Muñoz
16.15-16.30 Questions - Discussion  


16.30-17.30 Pro/con debate
Chair : G. Dimopoulos
Targeting the microbiome! The role of SDD in the era of MDR and XDR
Pro: M. Bonden
Con: J.L. Vincent



SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM (BAXTER)Recent trends of Esmolol in ICU
Chairs : G. Dimopoulos –  G. Baltopoulos

17.45-18.05 Esmolol as an immunomodulator agent V. Papaioannou
18.05-18.25 Using esmolol in daily clinical practice G. Baltopoulos
18.25-18.45 Heart rate control in patients with sepsis
and septic shock
Α. Κoutsoukou
18.45-19.00 Questions - Discussion  


  Opening Ceremony

19.30-20.00 State of the Art Lecture

  To Teach and To Be Taught
(When life is hanging from a thread)
C. Roussos



Friday 20-11-2015



How to fight resistance in the ICU
Chairs : G. Nakos – D. Georgopoulos


Targeting the microbial flora

M. Bonten


Using antimicrobial stewardship

H. Giamarellou


Using newer diagnostic technology for bacteria

A. Tsakris


Using chlorhexidine bath

M. Niederman


Using newer data on PK/PDs

J. De Waele


Questions - Discussion





How to treat fungal infections in the ICU
Chairs : S. Orfanos – G. Poulakou


Candideamia/Invasive Candidiasis

J.F. Timsit


Abdominal Candidiasis

M. Bassetti


Candida biofilm

J. Garnacho-Montero



J.A. Paiva


Mucor and other rare infections

P. Muñoz


Questions - Discussion



12.00-13.30 Break  



Let’s talk about inhaled antibiotics
Chairs : A. Komnos - E. Paramythiotou


Inhaled antibiotics : the story

S. Blot


Why we need inhaled antibiotics ?

T. Welte


Which drugs have been used for VAP ?

A. Torres


Which devices are available ?

M. Antonelli


Ongoing clinical studies ?

G. Dimopoulos


Questions - Discussion





New or under development antibiotics and antifungals
Chairs : G. Dimopoulos – A. Skoutelis



M. Bassetti



E. Giamarellos


Ceftolozane / tazobactam

D. Nicolau


Questions - Discussion




N. Bréchot



M. Kollef



G. Daikos



G. Dimopoulos


Questions - Discussion




SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM (NORMA)The new era: inhaled antibiotics
Chairs : G. Dimopoulos

17.30-17.55 The need for inhaled antibiotics D. Nicolau
17.55-18.20 Inhaled Colistin: what we have learned
during the last decade?
M. Niederman
18.20-18.45 Combination of inhaled antibiotics M. Kollef
18.45-19.00 Questions - Discussion  



ATHENA International Conference Registration fee is 200 € which includes

  • admission to all Conference Sessions
  • conference kit
  • 2 coffee breaks
  • 2 light lunches
  • Certificate of attendance of CME Credits

For Group Registrations (5 participants or more) please send your request directly to

Members of ESICM (European Society Intensive Care Medicine) are entitled to a 20% reduction in Registration fee.

VAT 23% is applicable for Registration of Greek Doctors/ Health Practitioners.

Please fill out and then submit the Registration form

General Information

Conference Venue

The venue of the conference is the DIVANI CARAVEL Hotel (2 Vasileos Alexandrou Avenue, 161 21 Athens), situated in the heart of Athens, close to numerous sites of interest and cultural opportunities.

The Conference Hotel is 500m away from the Metro Station Evangelismos (blue line) and just 5' away from Syntagma (Constitution) Square.


The conference will be held on November 19th – 20th, 2015.

Official Language

The official language of the conference will be English. All printed material and oral presentations will be in English.


A sufficient number of rooms has been booked in the Conference Venue, the Divani Caravel Hotel, to welcome participants in the ATHENA Conference 2015. Accommodation includes 2 nights in a Superior Single Use Room. The rate of each night comes up to 140,00 €, including all legal taxes and Breakfast. For Group Accommodations (5 rooms or more) please do send your request directly to


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